The above links will connect you to the free, two chapter introduction to the novel, the journal excerpt and the Angelic Name Generator PDF which will allow you to calculate your own unique angelic name.


Lost City of the Dwarves: Prologue Trilogy

These free downloads form a three part mini-adventure that sets the background for Lost City of the Dwarves. It gives the reader some extra information about the main story without spoiling the adventure while also giving you a good idea about my writing style and the type of adventure I have created with my novels. This mini-adventure trilogy will take place around the two novels as a background story to give some extra details about the Dwarven city and it's history, along with some history about the adversaries that you will also encounter.

Since this is a prequel to the novel, and the entire series, I have designed it as an "in the works" book by using Travis’ sketches instead of his finished artwork. I have also modified the rules a bit to use regular six-sided dice since not everybody has polyhedron gaming dice. However, if you have downloaded the Codex with the full set of adventuring rules, plus you have your own polyhedron dice, then you can play through this mini-adventure using those. If you don't have any dice on hand then there are several dice apps that can be downloaded from the web. So enjoy the story, and don’t hesitate to pass it on to anyone whom you think would like it as well. Thanks for taking an interest in my work.

For those with eReaders, Prologue is available in eBook format.  You can click here for an epub file (zipped), for most smartphones, and you can click here for for a mobi file (zipped) for the Kindle. You will need something like 'File App' to unzip the files, and iBook users must have that app updated to the most recent version (2.2) to read the epub. Due to the current low demand for eBook versions of my work, Interim and Finale will only be offered as PDF files for now. Just click on the image to download the adventure. I have set up the file to be printed two-sided for those of you who have that capability with your printers.

Below are links for jpegs of the character sheet and word puzzles for those who don't want to download the entire PDF file, plus they should be usable as backgrounds in the free app Doodle Buddy so you can write on them as virtual paper if you can't print them out on real paper.

Character Sheet


Word Seearch

Lost City of the Dwarves: Multi-Player Rules

I'm really excited to offer this free rule set that allows between 2 to 5 people to adventure through the Lost City of the Dwarves together. Though originally written as a solo adventure, it can now be run as a multi-player campaign with some story alterations that are outlined in these rules. There are also many new magical items and treasure to be found so everyone doesn't have to share the original items in the story.













Dwarven Codices

These PDF files are intended to be printed as player's guides for those of you who have the eBooks which could not include these essential pages. Anyone who has already bought a PDF version of Lost City of the Dwarves will already have a complete Codex in their book and does not need to download this file. These downloads are also useful for anyone who has bought a printed version of the book and does not wish to write in it, though I encourage it. You can also print off multiple character sheets and Word Puzzle sheets if needed. The Codex is also a good file to download if you would like to get a better idea of what you will find when adventuring in the lost city before buying the book at one of the distributing sites. The brown codex is from the first book, Discovery, and the black one accompanies the second book, Deliverance.

Also available here is the separate, full-size character sheet from the Codex which holds more info than the character sheet from the min-adventure Prologue.


Free Bookmarks

These are the bookmarks that I originally wanted to be packaged with the book, but since that can't happen you can get them here instead. The first one has some good reference info on it so you won't have to keep turning to the front of the book, and the second one has a size reference picture to give you a better idea just how big the various creatures are in this story.

1) Print the file on heavy paper.

2) Cut the page in half to separate the two bookmarks and carefully fold them in half along the dotted line.

3) Trim them to get rid of the extra paper.

4) Once you're happy with the result you can use some glue stick to keep them together. Make sure the glue is dry before putting them in your books.

(works best when the file is printed from Adobe Reader)


Dwarven Battle Dice

The Dwarven Battle Dice downloads have been moved to the bottom of the Path of Legends page.

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