Campaign Rules: Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a complete campaign-style rule set based on the multi-player rules I developed for Lost City of the Dwarves, allowing multiple players to adventure together with more detailed characters. The inclusion of skills, feats and spells, along with the addition of Dwarf and Elf races, will allow players to build the characters they want as they level up through a massive, players-only dungeon without the need for a game master. You’ll even be able to head back to the town of Mountain View to barter off your treasure, brag about your exploits at the local tavern, and maybe even get into a bar brawl.

The main rules comprise of ninety pages, which includes a twenty-page spell section. After making characters, you and your group will be able to go on five adventure paths, leveling up after each one. Each adventure path is separated by a town intermission where you can re-stock on supplies, barter or sell your treasure, and go to a tavern to get into a good ol' puch-up with some of the rowdy locals. The town of Mountain View is represented by twelve merchants, each with their own specialized wares and bartering quirks, plus merchant tables so you can roll for random item availbility. This process is a quick simulation of scouring the town shops to see what's available and who you'll need to deal with to get those items. Planned relese date: Currently in test-playing.

You can download a preview of the work in progress here.

You can follow my project's progression on the facebook page here.


Mayhem Card Game

An Elf, a Dwarf and a Human walk into a pub…

Alright, so there’s no punchline, but this is something I’ve been thinking about. Aside from drinking medieval spirits and planning the next dungeon delve, what do adventurers do while at their favourite tavern? I’ve seen plenty of dice game variations, and come up with a few myself, but the fantasy gaming community seems to fall short when it comes to card games. I envisioned something akin to poker, hearts or euchre, but with more of a fantasy, D&D vibe. I wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy setting, but I also wanted a game that we could play amongst ourselves as well. After months of thinking, and a final epiphany, I came up with a game called Mayhem.

While Mayhem is playable with a standard deck of playing cards, some of the fantasy flavour is lost. I’ve developed a customized deck for Mayhem which can also be used to play our regular card games as well. So even when just playing a game of euchre, it will feel like you’re in a fantasy tavern. A Mayhem deck is quite possibly the last deck of cards you will need to own, and it will definitely be one of your favourite.

The rules for Mayhem are free, but there is an option to pay a small fee if you feel the game is worth it. Visit DriveThruRPG where you can also purchase your own deck of Mayhem cards.


Goblin Gambling Dice

An accidental off-shoot of Back to Basics, you might interrupt some Goblins rolling dice as they gamble for some items. I then wondered what kind of dice Goblins would use, and ended up with this. It's the result of a brainstorming session with my son, Liam, and though my end result looks pretty good, you could easily make your own with some wooden cubes bought from your local craft shop. I used a modified soldering iron to burn the diamond-shaped pips onto my dice, but you could just use regular six-sided dice. Rules for the game and a better description of the dice can be found here.



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