A Book of Storms

A Book of Storms: The story of my turbulent life

Ann had done everything right while growing up. She did well in school, went to church, taught Sunday school, protected her brothers from bullies, helped her mother with the cooking and cleaning, and even put herself through university. According to the magic formula of happiness, all that she needed to do now was get a good job, marry a hard-working man, live an honest life and everything else would fall into place. Yet even after doing everything right, Ann's life insisted on going horribly wrong. After four and a half decades of hardship and struggle she could only ask the question that everyone asks at times like these: Why would God allow this to happen? Now, by retracing her steps and applying biblical scripture to those trying times she understands that, as difficult as they were, it was those challenges in life that shaped her.

Reading the Bible can be a huge, confusing task for many people since it seems that scripture is outdated and no longer applies to today’s lifestyle. While difficult to understand, the Bible is not as out of date as some people think. A Book of Storms takes the confusion out of some of the most misunderstood passages from the Bible and relates them to everyday life. If you would like to apply biblical verses to the ups and downs of your regular lifestyle, and learn how God uses hardship to bring us closer to Him, this is the book for you.


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Here's what some people have said about A Book of Storms:

“I have a complaint about Mrs. Young's book... I'm having trouble putting it down, it's not fair.” ~ Helen Leckie

“This book ruined my weekend. I couldn’t stop reading it.” ~ Betty Paul

“I felt like Ann was right beside me the whole time.” ~ Pauline Evans


Ann’s message from the back cover:

There are only so many times you can have somebody tell you, “Gee, you should write a book about your life” before it eventually happens. While I don’t consider myself to be an interesting person, it would seem that many people think I’ve led an interesting life. I see it as years of turmoil that were full of some bad decisions and a lot of bad luck, and I don’t consider getting continually blind-sided to be all that interesting. It was only recently as I struggled with my renewed walk in Christianity that I realized how my past hardships could help other people with theirs.

The more I read the Bible, the more I thought, “Hey, something like that happened to me!” Sometimes I would need help to understand exactly what the scripture was saying, but in the end it was surprising just how up to date the Bible is despite being thousands of years old. It’s also surprising that some of the traditional sayings like “Turn the other cheek” might not mean exactly what we think they mean. In the end I have come to realize that being jaded and sarcastic won’t help weather the storms of life (so says my husband) nor will that help you to move on.

Join me as I pick up the pieces over and over again in a surprising revelation of my life that has been private for so long. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even be shocked and amazed, but most importantly I hope that you can learn from my life. I’ve been a GM Lineworker, Wendy’s Manager, Mediator, Teacher, Principal, Capital Planning Officer, Curriculum Developer, PSAC President, Aboriginal Consultant, Library Chairman, School Bus Driver and Retail Worker who has moved 20 times, lived in two countries, one state, three provinces, and is twice divorced, happily married and a mother of one. It’s been a busy life and I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. Walking the path of the straight and narrow might seem overrated, if not impossible, but if I can get back on that path after everything I’ve been through then there’s hope for you as well.

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